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Crash barriers are specially made and constructed devices in order to avoid the road accidents, collisions and to prevent the vehicles from falling off. It all depends upon the type and kind of crash barrier which is installed on the road. The most common purpose of the crash barriers being installed however is that they protect and prevent the vehicles from falling off or going in the wrong direction or colliding with anything.

There are many places where the other side of the crash barrier is a deep hole where if the car falls it will just go in a deep hole from where it can never be extracted. So, for these cases specially, it is very important that crash barriers should be installed for the safety of all kinds of vehicles.

Some investigations which are carried out when installing the crash barriers

When crass barriers are designed, there are a few investigations which are carried such as:

  • The level of protection which is required

The level of barrier all depends upon the risk and the consequences. It should be decided before hand about how many crash barriers should be installed on a particular road. If it is a very busy road and a big highway, then it is very important to investigate the level of protection which is required in installing the crash barrier.

  • The criteria for installation

There are some very specific installation criteria’s which ensure maximum effect of the crash barriers. It is also to inform you that water barriers have their first units completely empty.

  • Terminal treatment

It is very important to select a suitable crash barrier terminal because you do not want it to serve the other way around purpose. It means that these crash barriers are meant for the safety of vehicles not for their destruction.

It all depends upon the site of the crash barrier. Terminals can be either partial gating, gating or else non-gating. Every crash barrier terminal has its own limitations. In order to select a very suitable crash barrier the location and traffic conditions should be kept in mind.

  • The length of the barrier

It is the length of the barrier which shows whether the vehicle is properly intercepted or not. Before installing a crash barrier you must keep the length of the barrier in mind.

How important is it to install crash barriers?

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