Meth testing – DIY or professional – which to choose?

Health experts, as well as real estate professionals all over the world, are worried at the fast pace at which the use and production of methamphetamine are increasing. Methamphetamine, which wasn’t as popular a choice for substance abuse as other drugs like marijuana, heroin, cocaine, etc. even a few years back, is gradually becoming a nightmare. Not only more and more people are coming to the grips of this dangerous drug, more and more properties are being affected by meth.

This is much unlike other drugs that mostly affect the users and sometimes, passively affect family members or friends. Meth, as it is popularly known, remains as residue in the surroundings and can affect succeeding residents of a house, even though they may not dwell with the user or manufacturer of meth. The residue of meth is equally harmful to the dwellers who rent the same apartment/house that has been a prior meth lab or residence of meth users. Naturally, if you are looking to buy/rent a house, it would prudent that you carry out meth testing to find out whether the property is contaminated or not.

DIY kits

To make it easier for the common masses to carry out meth testing, a number of kits are available in the market that can be effectively used by buyers or renters to find out whether a particular property has traces of meth or any other dangerous substance and if so, what is the level of contamination – is it below the prescribed limits or is it alarming and can be the cause of health risks to the future dwellers.

These kits generally include spray nozzles, wetting agents, detection cartridge, gauze pad, syringe, bag and gloves for handling and come with easy instructions that tell you exactly what to do.

Professional help

If you aren’t quite eager to carry out all that work by yourself or want to ensure that the meth testing is 100% accurate, it would be best that you entrust professionals with the task. Since, the test results will play an important role in ensuring that your family lives in the apartment/house without any impact of meth, better not gamble with the job just for a few hundred dollars.

There are a number of professional hygienist agencies that carry out the testing for interested parties. These organizations have their own team of skilled workmen who follow the best industry standards in determining whether a house has exceeding levels of contamination.

Not only that, these professionals know the best techniques for decontaminating a property. Naturally, they are helpful not only to buyers/tenants but also to homeowners/landlords who want to ensure that their property is clean and can be sold/rented without any sort of objection.

However, it is important that the agency that you choose is certified and reputable and is known for offering what they promise. This way you can guarantee the meth testing results are accurate and reliable and there is no fear of facing health risks due to contamination at a later stage and you also get the best value for the money that you spend. You can ask the local people or the local authorities to know about the best meth testing organization and contact them.

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